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Commissioners & Referrers

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- The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability works with people who are referred from the NHS as well as those who are privately insured.
- We accept patients from the UK and around the world.
- The majority of services we offer are based right here at the RHN, which means we can provide more immediate action for patients, with minimal disruption to them. Click here to see our full range of services, therapies and clinics.
- We work in close partnership with The London Consortium for Neuro-rehabilitation - the UK’s largest commissioner of services for the field - and ensure its high quality standards are met.
- For more information and details on the referrals process, please contact Carol Groves, Commissioning and Placement Liaison Manager on or by using the below details:

Admissions Office
The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
West Hill
London, SW15 3SW

020 8780 4513

Safehaven Fax
020 8780 4511
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