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Our Work

“Hope. It gives me hope. They made me feel I could get better.” Marini – who had Locked-In Syndrome.

Hope. It’s what we give our patients, residents and their families every day, helping them adjust to a new life; a life in which disability plays its part, but a life in which they can experience fulfilment; a life in which their potential can still flourish; a life that is enriched by care, love and personal achievement.

How we help
Our team of specialists work together, combining their diverse expertise to bring a unique level of care to each person who comes to stay with us. And it’s this personal care that really makes the difference.

We get to know the person beyond the disability, taking time to understand their likes and dislikes so that we can create a wholly holistic care plan that incorporates life-changing technologies and balances traditional care with specialist therapies based around their own interests as well as their needs.

And, because our specialists all work under the same roof, we can offer this exceptional level of care with minimal disruption to our patients.

Through our work, we have become recognised as one of the most respected neuro-disability hospitals in the world. Click here to discover more about the services we offer.
In our work helping people with neuro-disabilities, we provide:

Long Term Care For those with progressive neurological conditions such as Huntington’s Disease and MS, people with an acquired brain injury who need round-the-clock care, including those in vegetative or semi conscious states, and for younger disabled people.
Rehabilitation Treating people who have become disabled following a brain injury, and helping those who are looking to live at home to prepare for the transition.
Research Our academic arm - the Institute of Neuropalliative Rehabilitation – researches and informs clinical development shares knowledge with medical professionals and academics around the world, and provides families, professionals and policy-makers with specific clinical information.
Training and Education Specialist courses, lectures, seminars, conferences and career days for medical professionals and volunteers.
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