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New Jack Emerson Ventilator Centre

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For more than 10 years we have been providing specialist care and support to people living with a neurological injury or disease who are dependent on ventilatory support or who have high respiratory needs.

Our specialist ventilator team are able to care for complex patients requiring shorter stay neurological rehabilitation (including specialist wheelchairs and assistive technology) and residents requiring long term care.

Our new purpose-built service, The Jack Emerson Centre, is now open with an increased capacity of 16 beds and a greatly improved environment.
It has been carefully designed to create a homely yet highly functional environment for people living on ventilator support, with a colour-coded environment and clear signage promoting way-finding for patients with cognitive communication impairments.

Our team of staff, as well as existing patients, were all involved in the design process from the very beginning to ensure the new service provides excellent care and therapy throughout. Specially adapted environmental controls mean that independence is maximised as the
operation of windows, curtains, televisions and radios can be controlled by the patient.
Find out how Jane Bache, Joint Head of Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology, helped design the new ventilator service
Find out how Russell Wigley, Occupational Therapist, helped design the new ventilator service
Find out how Tracie Mallender, Speech & Language Therapist, helped design the new ventilator service
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