How to apply

Want to apply for a role at the RHN?

Please read the following on how to apply for a vacancy at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Clicking on the job title of the vacancy you wish to apply will allow you to view the job description. This contains all the information relevant to the role, the responsibilities of the post holder and the person specification.

If you are interested in applying to work with us, we strongly recommend you read the following guidance before submitting your application.

We use a standard competence-based evaluation during the application process. This allows us to assess suitability of candidates by comparing evidence provided in a personal statement (skills and experience section) against the person specification for the role.

Whilst we appreciate that application forms can be time consuming, we feel it is still the best way to extract information and see if people have the required skills and experience to do the job.

Meeting the person specification requirements

As we shortlist specifically against the person specification, it is essential that you address each requirement individually. Each requirement is used as a heading and you should provide a specific and succinct example of how you meet it.

The more relevant and complete your example is, the better your chances are of being shortlisted.

Hints and tips

To help you, here are some hints and tips to refer to when putting together your application


  • read the job description very carefully before applying, particular the section outlining required skills and experience
  • make sure that you definitely meet all of the essential requirements for the job
  • keep to the point, focus on the quality of your achievements, not the quantity
  • use real examples, refer to your previous role(s), describe the actions you took and the results achieved
  • a thorough spelling and grammar check
  • be honest and factual
  • prove that you have done your research and are motivated to work at the RHN


  • apply if you do not meet the requirements asked for
  • bend the truth. If you are hired and it is discovered that you were not honest in your application it could result in disciplinary action that might result in termination of your employment
  • list all the one day training courses you have ever been. Only mention those relevant to the job
  • write too much – be concise and as relevant as possible
  • use jargon or complicated language – simple is best

If you need any further information, would like to speak to a member of the team or to arrange an informal visit, please call 020 8780 4500 ext. 5255 or email