Preceptorship Programme

Preceptorship programme

Our preceptorship programme is designed for newly qualified nurses and nurse associates. It will support them as they develop their confidence as an autonomous professional, refining their skills, values and behaviours as they work with highly experienced professionals within the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) workforce.

Our programme complies with standards set out in the Capital Nurse Pan London Preceptorship Framework (2017) as well as those set by Health Education England (HEE) for preceptorship.

RHN is a care provider for vulnerable patients at extreme risk. In consequence, safeguarding patients will always be our highest priority.


Our programme offers three pathways

  1. Accelerated Preceptorship is for nurses and nursing associates who were recruited during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and did not have the opportunity to go through a structured transition period. It is also suitable for all internationally recruited nurses. The duration of the programme is six weeks
  2. Preceptorship for Newly Qualified Nurses/Nursing Associates is for all newly qualified nurses and nursing associates within the first year of their employment. Duration of the programme is six to nine months.
  3. Beyond Preceptorship is for all nurses in 24-36 months of their employment who have transitioned through any of the main preceptorship programmes. This programme seeks to support career development and progression.

Our preceptorship is delivered through classroom based face-to-face sessions, combined with practical experience and assessment in clinical areas and some eLearning modules. The preceptee will have paid protected and supernumerary time to go through the programme successfully.


The content of our preceptorship programme covers two broad areas for safe, effective and fulfilling practice

  1. Clinical Skills and Competency Development and Compliance
  2. Essential Domains for Practice

Clinical Skills and Competency Development and Compliance covers all areas of building the hands on skill set needed for the nurse or nursing associate to deliver safe and effective care as per their job roles.
The essential domains have been grouped into six main areas

  1. Clinical Practice covers professional values and ethics in practice, the NMC code, reflective practice, revalidation portfolio development, RHN values, coping and resilience in practice, professional registration and indemnity.
  2. Communication and Teamwork covers conflict management, facilitating difficult conversations, techniques used in communication, data protection, effective team management.
  3. Leadership, Personal and People Development covers leadership and role modelling, emotional intelligence and resilience in practice, clinical teaching styles, clinical supervision and delegation, performance appraisals, personal development plans, revalidation portfolio development.
  4. Facilitation of Learning covers teaching and learning strategies, practice supervision and assessment (student mentoring), coaching skills, SWOT and PDSA analysis, feedback skills.
  5. Service Improvement, Safety and Quality, and Research and Evidence covers Datix risk assessments and clinical incidents, safe staffing, skill mixing and allocation, clinical audits, understanding quality measures, eg KPIs, FFTs.
  6. Professionalism and Integrity, and Equality and Diversity covers understanding the NMC code of conduct, delegation in practice, equality and diversity, uniform policy.


  • Dedicated clinical education team to support throughout the programme
  • Sessions delivered by subject area specialists
  • Assigned experienced preceptor
  • Paid supernumerary and protected time for programme


A list of of Frequently Asked Questions for Newly Qualified Nurses

As part of our pre-employment process and before starting to work here, successful candidates must be vaccinated against the coronavirus strain (COVID-19) . Please let us know if you have not received the vaccine, as we can administer it at the RHN. If you have a medical reason for not having the vaccine or you have any questions about vaccination, please contact