Specialist Services

Our specialist services support people in dedicated environments designed to best meet their needs.

Our range of specialist services

Ventilator unit

Nurse and patient with a brain injury on a ventilator unitThe Jack Emerson Centre offers care and treatment for people who need ventilator support in a specially designed environment.
Our multi-disciplinary team made up of a specialist consultant, nursing staff and a range of therapists, cares for people with complex needs on both a short-term or longer-stay basis.
The service is supported by a specialist consultant from the Lane Fox Unit, the largest complex home ventilation and weaning centre in England. An outreach specialist nurse is also available for all patients with tracheostomies.

A specialist environment for supporting people affected by Huntington’s disease

Huntington's Disease Service
Our specialist Huntington’s disease service is based on Wolfson and Coombs wards. It provides excellent care and support for patients who have highly complex needs, and their families, encouraging independence and maximising their quality of life.

These wards provide an environment where people affected by Huntington’s disease, a rare genetic condition, can receive specialist support.  There is a consultant in Huntington’s disease and specialist therapies such as neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy.

Wolfson ward supports people who experience behavioural challenges as a result of their Huntington’s disease. It provides 24 hour nursing care. The ward has a bright, airy and homely environment. It was designed by patients, relatives and staff, guided by the Kings Fund’s Enhancing the Healing Environment programme.

The team is also experienced in palliative care. This highly sensitive work is supported by a specialist palliative care consultant from the Royal Trinity Hospice, as part of a partnership arrangement.

Neuro-behavioural Rehabilitation Unit

This is a service for those whose conditions have affected their behaviour and present challenges to their care.

Patients who experience a change in behaviour or behavioural challenges due to their brain injury or condition are supported by our staff in this dedicated service.
We also provide rehabilitation and longer term support for people who experience challenges in behaviour which may be limiting their rehabilitation progress.


If you would like to refer a patient to either Jack Emerson Centre (community ventilator unit), Wellesley Ward (neuro-behavioural unit) or Wolfson Ward (Huntington’s Disease unit), please send referral details to the Admissions Office details below.

Please note, referrals must be supported by a medical professional (GP, consultant or community therapy team) and a member of the RHN multidisciplinary team may arrange an assessment after receipt of a referral.

If you have any questions regarding a referral to Specialist Services, please contact the Admissions Office on 020 8780 4513  or email TRHFN.Admissions@nhs.net