Guidelines for SLTs working with adults in a DOC

These guidelines and associated competency framework are designed to be used by SLTs working with adults in a DOC due to a sudden onset injury, at any point in the care pathway from critical care to community long-term care.

Download the SLT guidelines here

These guidelinesĀ have been written to support the practice of SLTs working with this specialist and complex patient population.

Evidence for working with adults in DOC comes from a range of sources, but there is often a lack of research specific to SLT intervention.

Roberts and Greenwood (2019) carried out a survey of experienced SLTs using the Delphi technique in order to determine a consensus opinion on SLT best practice with this patient group. The findings from this study were used as the basis for these guidelines, which are the result of a piece of collaborative work involving specialist SLTs, working with adults in DOC across the UK. They were written by a working party of experienced SLTs employed in a range of settings.