Leave a legacy

Please remember the RHN in your will. The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability has been caring for severely disabled people in need since 1854.

Legacies (gifts in wills) are a crucial source of income for the hospital and they ensure that people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or are disabled due to a neurological condition can continue to receive the high quality and varied care that they and their families so desperately need.

leave a legacy


Looking after loved ones first

We understand that loved ones come first when making a will, as they should. But if the RHN is a cause close to your heart, please don’t forget that when you are gone, we will still be here.

Becoming a part of our future

Our continued success is down to our supporters past and present. To this day, the support we received from people like Florence Nightingale, our earliest ward designer, and Charles Dickens, one of our earliest volunteers, lives on. You too can be part of this distinguished list.

What sort of gift should I leave?

Whether it be 5 or 50% of your residual estate, a property or a set amount, you can shape your gift however you like.

No matter how big or small a gift, you will be amazed how much can be achieved, not to mention the feeling of hope it inspires amongst staff, patients and their families.

Your solicitor/will writer can talk you through the options. You will need our full address and charity number to do this:

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disabilty
West Hill
SW15 3SW

Registered charity number: 205907

Please do let us know if you have included the RHN in your will, your word is all we need. The difference between not knowing or knowing we have a legacy gift coming our way, is the difference between conservative, tentative planning and planning ambitiously for significant improvements.

Just like our supporters, no one gift is ever the same and we are deeply grateful for all of them, no matter how big or small.

Thank you for considering us.


If you would like to be added to the free will network mailing list or have any other queries contact Isabel Barrett, Senior Legacy Development Manager on 020 8780 4557 or email ibarrett@rhn.org.uk.