Coronavirus precautions at the RHN

Coronavirus precautions at the RHN

Updated 23 June 2022


Wearing of surgical face masks in clinical areas is still mandatory – these include wards, therapy rooms, clinics, chapel, gyms and LIFTs.

Wearing of masks in non-clinical areas is no longer mandatory. However, windows and doors should be opened wherever possible and social distancing to be observed where possible.

Daily visits allowed as normal from 12pm – 8pm, maximum number of 2 visitors at a time per patient/resident. Ward managers and Matrons can be contacted via your channel to authorise special visiting arrangements outside the guidance. Children need not be included.

All visitors and staff must wash their hands thoroughly on arrival at the RHN.

All visitors will be given a surgical mask to wear for the duration of their visit. These should be worn at all times around patients/residents

Government guidance

How to stay safe and restrict the spread of COVID-19  can be read on the government’s website.

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