COVID-19 (coronavirus) update.

The hospital is currently closed to visitors.
We have implemented a number of restrictions to minimise the spread of COVID-19 at the RHN.

Read about the measures we are taking to keep our patients and residents protected.

Coronavirus precautions at the RHN

Sunday 5 April 2020

Our patients and residents are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

In order to minimise the risk of the virus being brought into the hospital we have implemented a number of restrictions.

The hospital is currently closed to visitors.

We recognise that this will be difficult for our families and friends, particularly those who visit regularly, but we believe it is the safest course of action to take at the moment. We will review this decision daily and keep you informed of any changes via this page on our website.

In addition, we have postponed or cancelled all non-urgent visits out of the hospital, and have stopped many leisure groups, activities and church services.

Designated zones have been created across the hospital, to decrease the number of people moving around and limit the risk of infections being transmitted.

Our Chaplaincy has been set up to provide pastoral care through video links on the wards. Additional ward-based leisure activities have been made available, and we are working to improve opportunities to video link with families wherever possible.

We recognise that these measures are restrictive, but we appreciate your support during this time and hope that you will work with us to maintain the welfare and safety of both our patients and residents, and our wider community.


Family and friends
We want to keep you informed, so we’ve answered a number of frequently asked questions for family and friends.

We’ve also answered questions we’ve been asked by staff.

Tips for wellbeing 

We recognise that our whole RHN community is anxious at the moment. Working with our Clinical Psychology team we’ve put together some tips to help you during this time.

Staying connected

We are currently working on keeping our patients and residents connected to the outside world during this time. Can you help us?