Open Lecture – The role of sensory stimulation programmes for people with severe brain injury

16 Feb 2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Online open lecture

Providing appropriate stimulation and interaction is a key treatment objective for clinicians working with people who have a severe brain injury.

It can allow ongoing monitoring of responses, facilitate emerging communication and provide a role for families in the care of their loved one.

It is also a key area highlighted in the new Royal College of Physicians national clinical guidelines for prolonged disorders of consciousness.

This lecture will

  • Consider sensory stimulation programmes within the context of assessment and treatment in this population
  • Explore the background and rationale for sensory stimulation in prolonged disorders of consciousness and severe neuro-disability
  • Highlight practical issues and showcase the RHN team’s development of a ward based controlled sensory environment
  • Discuss support for families around the provision of sensory stimulation and interaction
  • Suitable for any clinicians working with people who have severe brain injury and neuro-disability


  • Dr Andrew Hanrahan, Consultant Physician in Neuro-rehabilitation, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
  • Alice Howard, Advanced Specialist Speech & Language Therapist, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
  • Lucy McDonough, Senior Occupational Therapist, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
  • Laura Chapman, Ward Manager, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

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