Module 4: Transforming PDOC Assessments to Evidence-based Intervention, Management Strategies, Plans and Programmes

22 Mar 2023 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Online

Wednesday 22 March


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Online via Zoom

This one-day online course is suitable for senior neurological clinicians (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, Speech and language therapists, clinical psychologists, nurses, and doctors) working with individuals in a PDOC and will enable the delegate to meet the person specification for PDOC assessor or expert PDOC assessors depending on experience) as outlined in the RCP guidelines (2020).

Run by Dr Karen Elliott and Helen Gill-Thwaites who have worked with individuals in PDOC for more than 30 years, the course is designed for clinicians who use any of the standardised PDOC assessment tools but are looking for a clear framework to ensure a logical and measurable approach to intervention and management planning based on the outcome of their assessment results.

The programme will consider the results of the chosen PDOC assessment and defines what evidence, data and information, underpins a robust intervention and management plan. The necessary clinical strategies and the elements required to create measurable programmes will be explored. Through the application of the PDOC intervention and management framework flow chart, a clear strategy will be applied to help the delegate to identify the next stage for their intervention and/or management plan. The course will demonstrate the practical processes to provide achievable measurable goals, which are graded to frame the interventions. Documentation methods to support decision making based on the results of the interventions will also be examined in addition to considering how the outcome of interventions can be measured. Exploration of the range of stimuli and technology in conjunction with appropriate adaptation to create purposeful and bespoke programmes is undertaken. Examples will be provided to demonstrate how WHIM scores and SMART profiles can be progressed to measurable intervention and management programmes.

Learning and teaching methods

  • Facilitator presentations, discussions and workshops are undertaken with examples from the delegate’s clinical practice.
  • Question and answer sessions to explore clinical issues will be available.

Further, tailored options for training can be offered to meet the needs of both the service and/or delegate. Training for SMART can also be delivered at a designated local establishment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lead Facilitators

Helen Gill-Thwaites MBE and Dr Karen Elliott
SMART Developers & Consultants

Cost: £180 (Early bird rate until 31 January)

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For more information, please call 020 8780 4500 ext 5141 or email