RHN Autumn 2023 Energy Appeal

Providing the best medical care to highly dependent patients and residents often requires sophisticated electrical equipment. Residents like Gary (pictured) rely on ventilators and monitors to maintain bodily functions such as respiration. They also make use of electric hoists for getting in and out of bed, and Assistive Technology devices to communicate with their carers and loved ones.

Resident Gary using AAC in his room

As you can imagine, with over 200 patients in our care, our energy requirements are significant and costly. Every penny that we can save on energy can be spent elsewhere, on the therapies and services that play such an important role in the quality of life of our patients.

This autumn, you can help us reduce our energy costs, by supporting our new solar panel project.

In the summer of 2019, the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability installed its first series of solar panels, at Chatsworth, Wellesley and Wolfson wards. This project has been a great success. The panels have reduced the amount of energy we consume from the National Grid by 35,000kWh (kilowatt hours) per year and produced an annual saving of £6,500.

We are now in a position to expand our production of solar energy, by installing 242 new solar panels on the roof of the main hospital buildings. These new panels will offer even greater benefits than the original installation, by:

  • Reducing the amount of energy we draw from the National Grid by a further 82,000kWh
  • Saving the hospital an estimated £120,000 over the first four years of operation
  • Reducing the hospital’s carbon footprint by over 12 tonnes of CO₂ per year

In combination with our existing panels, the new solar panels will produce almost 10% of the RHN’s total energy requirements.

By investing in the latest, sustainable technologies, and reducing our costs, the RHN is ensuring that we’ll continue to provide the best level of care possible for some of the most profoundly disabled adults and young people in the country.

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