1000 Reps a Day: Strategies to Increase Amounts of Practice in Rehabilitation (run in conjunction with StrokeEd)

10 Feb 2023 8:00 am - 4:30 pm West Hill, Putney SW15 3SW

Friday 10 February

The 1000 reps a day rehabilitation workshop for patients with neuro-disability was developed by the StrokeEd collaboration in 2014 and has been taught in Australia, the UK, Denmark, Malaysia, New Zealand and Chile and at the World Congress of Physical Therapy.

This workshop explores the evidence for a dose-response relationship between amounts of practice and outcomes in rehabilitation, strategies to increase patient motivation and strategies to maximise opportunities for patients to practice. To facilitate the presentation of strategies that can be used in all rehabilitation settings service delivery has been divided into three categories or modes.

  • The first is one to one practice
  • The second mode of service delivery is semi-supervised practice
  • The third mode of service delivery is independent practice

Following the delivery of lecture content, there is a practical session for each of the 3 topic areas. Participants will complete these practical sessions in small groups allowing the sharing of knowledge and ideas amongst therapists from diverse backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Outline the evidence for a dose-response relationship between the amount of practice and outcomes
  • Describe strategies to increase patient motivation and empowerment
  • Describe effective instructions and feedback during practice
  • Describe strategies to set up the environment for safe and effective semi-supervised practice
  • Describe strategies to increase attendance and participation in classes
  • Outline the evidence for and describe strategies to increase carer involvement in practice
  • Outline the evidence for increasing adherence to independent exercise programmes
  • Discuss and implement strategies to increase the intensity of practice in your workplace

Who is the course suitable for?

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, allied health
assistants and exercise physiologists.

More information is available here www.strokeEd.com

Cost: £180 (including resources & buffet lunch)

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