Managing Behaviours that Challenge in Individuals with a Brain Injury: The Positive Behaviour Support Approach

21 Feb 2023 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Tuesday 21 February

This one-day, in-person course is open to anyone working with people with a brain injury who want to increase their skills and knowledge of managing behaviours that challenge

It offers a theoretical and practical introduction to the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach. The use of PBS in managing challenging behaviour is a highly effective, cost-effective method which is generalisable to a variety of behaviours and settings.

By the end of this course attendees will

  • Have an understanding of the possible contributors to challenging behaviour following brain injury.
  • Be able to describe the possible functions of challenging behaviour – why is it happening and what does it tell us?
  • Have an understanding of the development of both pro-active (preventative) and reactive strategies.
  • Understand the role of communication impairment in challenging behaviour
  • Be able to identify methods that can be incorporated into the clients’ environment and lead to the reduction in incidences of challenging behaviour.
  • Understand the purpose of completing and collecting data around the incidence of challenging behaviour.
  • Have an understanding of how debriefing and regular staff support mechanisms may help teams working with people with behaviours that challenge.

Cost: £180 including lunch and resources

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