Open Lecture – Challenging Behaviours in Brain Injury – How do We Successfully Manage the Risks?

22 Sep 2016 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Challenging behaviour is an all too frequent occurrence following a brain injury. It should not be viewed as primarily a challenge to us, but rather the focus should be on why the behaviour is challenging for the individual with the brain injury in so much as it limits their ability to engage as fully as possible with their life after brain injury.

There are multiple factors that can influence and lead to challenging behaviour after a brain injury and typically such behaviours serve a purpose to the person, for example they may be a form of communication or a way of getting ones needs met in the context of their injury and the environment that they find themselves in.

A primary rehabilitation goal is always to find alternative and less restrictive ways for a person to get their needs met in order to reduce challenging behaviour and maximise their engagement in valued activities and goals. Risk assessment plays a key role within this process of change.

Excessive risk to patients, staff, family and friends has to be predicted and controlled as much as possible, however, if change is to take place risk cannot be removed completely, and there are times when positive risk taking may be required.

Speaker: Dr Samuel Batstone, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

This lecture is free but please register online if you plan to attend as places are limited.

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