Evitt and Cathcart Refubishment

Evitt and Cathcart Need Refurbishing

You can donate using our simple online form.

Evitt and Cathcart are two of our long-term care wards, and are home to the people that live on them, and their families, sometimes for decades. We are very lucky to be in a Victorian heritage building, but that brings challenges as we provide 21st century care and rehabilitation.

Our plan is to redevelop all of our wards

We have already redeveloped Drapers ward and our staff and patients love it. We now want to move on to the rest of the hospital, starting with Evitt and Cathcart. We want to create the same homely and spacious environment as we have on Drapers. By reconfiguring these wards we will improve patient privacy, upgrade the bathrooms, install hoists in each room, and improve communal areas. This work will cost £4.1 million

Brain injuries can happen to anyone at any time, mostly through common misfortune; things like sports injuries, falling down stairs, being hit by a vehicle, or for medical reasons, like an asthma attack or a stroke. Your donation could help us improve the lives and comfort of our patients and residents who have had a life-changing brain injury. Please give what you can. Thank you.

You can donate using our simple online form.