Funeral donations

Funeral Donations

If you are requesting donations for a funeral/memorial service instead of or in addition to flowers, here are some useful tips.

Organising Funeral donations to the RHN

RHN collection envelopes can be sent directly to you or to the funeral director. To request envelopes, contact our fundraising team on 020 8780 4560 or

Wording for your order of service

The family has requested or It was his/her wish, that memorial tributes be made in the form of donations to The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Cheque donations should be made payable to ‘The RHN’.

Online donations: (Select ‘in memory’ and type ‘in memory of ***’ into the comments box)

Supporters can scan this QR code and it will take them directly to our online donation page. Download the code here and feel free to use it on your order of service.

If you are making a memorial donation, thank you, your support means a lot to the hospital, our patients and their families.

Donor Etiquette

The size of the donation should be at least the same as you would have spent on a bunch of flowers.

It’s important to notify he charity who the donation is being made in memory of.

Unless you would like to remain anonymous, please provide us with your own name and contact details so we can thank you.

Thank you for supporting us.