Ruth’s story

In 2017, Ruth suffered from a brain aneurysm that left her unable to speak and walk, with no memories of her life before.

After an incredible 12 operations on her brain, Ruth was eventually transferred to our care in January 2018.

“When I arrived at the RHN, I couldn’t do anything really. I couldn’t talk or eat and I had terrible trouble trying to remember things.”

Since her arrival at the RHN, Ruth has received expert care and benefits from a range of charity-funded therapies.

“I have seen a massive improvement since I arrived at the RHN. I’m able to talk now, and I had my PEG removed so I can eat on my own. I do music therapy every Tuesday, which I really enjoy, despite not being able to sing!”

Music therapy is just one of many additional therapies and activities which we are able to offer to patients and residents thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.

“The RHN really is an amazing place. The staff put on so many activities for us, like Boccia – we play every week and compete in teams of patients from across the hospital.”

Boccia is a precision sport played by competitors who have a physical disability which requires the use of a wheelchair. It is one of several sport activities available to patients.

Looking to the future, Ruth hopes to continue to see improvements in her condition.

“I hope that I’m able to walk again one day. I have an operation on my legs soon to help realign my joints, so hopefully after that and a bit of physiotherapy I’ll be able to. With any luck I’ll be in the position to be living independently again.”

“It doesn’t feel like a hospital at all, it feels like a home. If I have to be in hospital, I’m really glad it’s this one.”

The RHN is a charity hospital and research centre, caring for adults with brain injuries.

Founded in 1854, our Putney based community provides specialist therapies and innovative technologies to meet the complex needs of people with profound disabilities.

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