Switch my laundry

For families who wash clothes for their loved ones, we thank you for doing this and wherever possible, eventhough we have visiting restrictions, we would like this to continue.

Thanks to all families who have continued to wash their loved ones laundry, it has helped us enormously.

However, I am sorry to say that we have had some incidents recently where relatives delivering laundry have tried to gain access to the hospital and to the wards.
Both patients and staff have been frightened by people outside bedroom windows who have been trying to make contact, or who have entered the hospital through back doors and fire exits.

This must not happen.

The visiting restrictions are in place to protect our patients from contracting Covid-19 and any breaches to these restrictions puts them at risk.

We have introduced security checks around the perimeter of the ward buildings and anyone found trying to gain access will be told to leave immediately.

If we continue to encounter problems we will have no option but to stop families delivering clean laundry until further notice.

Thank you,
Emily McWhirter, Director of Nursing


Here’s what to do:

  1. Let your ward know BY EMAIL, that you want to continue to wash your loved one’s clothes.
  2. Laundry switched can be made once a week, so please include enough supplies for seven days.
  3. Phone the ward on the day you plan to bring the clean laundry to the hospital and give them an estimated time that you will arrive. This will give the ward time to get the dirty laundry to the drop off point.
  4. Bring your clean laundry to the Chatsworth corridor (opposite the hospital’s main reception). Please make sure the bag is clearly labelled with NAME and WARD.
  5. Leave your laundry on the CLEAN laundry trolley in the Chatsworth corridor.
  6. Collected the dirty laundry from the DIRTY laundry trolley in the Chatsworth corridor.
  7. Clean laundry will then be delivered to the ward.

If your laundry is not on the trolley, please phone the ward and they will request an authorised runner to collect it.

This is a new system for all of us, so if we don’t quite get it right first time, we will keep trying, so please bear with us.

Thank you so much for your help.