Social Work

Our in-house social work team supports patients and families every step of the way.

Every day our social work department guides and supports patients and their families through the realities of life with a neuro-disability.

With its emotional and physical impacts to the patient, disability also hugely affects those close to the person dealing with the injury or condition. That’s why our dedicated social work team offers support every step of the way, helping people adjust to life with disability, and plan for a positive future.

From day one through to discharge, our social worker works with every rehabilitation patient and their family. They can discuss every aspect of their immediate, short and long-term care to help them adjust to life with a disability and hopefully making the journey as smooth and well informed as possible.

We do this by helping families:

Get involved

Encouraging them to actively participate in a patient’s care pathway, helping us incorporate their interests into a truly holistic rehabilitation plan.

Stay updated

Coordinating regular meetings with the rehabilitation team and carers to discuss progress and goals


Supporting people emotionally and practically, suggesting ways to get involved in care and activities they can enjoy as a family.

Make practical plans

Offering guidance on everything from statutory entitlements, housing needs and care options for the patient such as day care, at-home support, or long-term residential care.

“They understand the situation, and it has just transformed everything for us.”

Rachel and John.