Occupational Therapists

Our occupational therapists work with patients on a range of activities and tasks

Occupational Therapists help people carry out meaningful activities

Occupational Therapists, or OTs are skilled professionals who work within a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians to help people carry out meaningful activities that they need or want to be able to do.

Occupational therapists help people with activities can include everyday tasks such as preparing a meal, getting dressed or taking part in a preferred leisure activity.

OTs work with patients and their families to assess their existing abilities and determine appropriate interventions and management strategies to maximise the patient’s potential. OTs can use support and methods to find alternative ways of doing those activities when faced with the challenges of illness or disability.

“She’s no longer a visitor in her own home, she is Jaxx again.”

– Jaxx’s mum. Jaxx regained many of the abilities she lost following a road accident.