Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC)  XXIXth International Online Training

30 Mar 2022 11:00 am - 6:30 pm Online course

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Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness online training

Wednesday 30 March – Friday 1 April 2022


This three-day online course will equip delegates to use the Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC) with minimally responsive patients in clinical settings.

The MATADOC is a standardised music-based assessment of awareness validated for use with adults with prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDOC). It helps with evidence-based treatment planning and contributes to interdisciplinary assessment of awareness in PDOC.  The MATADOC provides a rigorous assessment and evaluation for use with people whose awareness is difficult to assess clinically due to complex clinical presentations that compromise motor, cognitive and communication functioning. Although validated for adults with PDOC, it can be used with other minimally responsive populations including children with PDOC, those with profound developmental disabilities, end stage dementia or end stage terminal illness.

This training will cover the background to adult and child PDOC patient groups, and the latest research evidence underpinning the rationale for using music in diagnosis, assessment and treatment with PDOC patient groups.

This course is suitable for professionals who are

  • Practising as music therapists or students who have clinical/placement experience working with a population that presents with a disorder of consciousness.
  • Working with patient groups with profound brain damage including end stage dementia, end stage neurological illness and developmental disabilities

The training can be followed by an optional second level competency development, which is offered through online supervision.

Though most suited to music therapists, the training is also open to allied professionals who are experienced in working with PDOC patient groups. The decision to open the MATADOC training to non-music therapy professionals is at the discretion of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

Lead facilitator
Dr Wendy Magee
Professor Music Therapy Program
Temple University

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