Important information

We understand there are many questions about day-to-day life at the RHN from finances to laundry and social work to data protection

Healthcare professionals in training

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is committed to sharing expertise with pre and post-registration health professionals. We host students from universities that train doctors, nurses, therapists and other health professionals. You might see these students on the wards, and – under supervision – they might help to care for you or give you tests.

We will ask for your consent for students to either observe or treat you, and you have the right to refuse if you have any concerns. Our senior staff will always be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

If you choose not to be looked after by students, or choose not to take part in teaching and research, your care will not be affected in any way.

Everyday finance

You will need money to buy daily essentials such as toiletries and snacks. The most convenient and secure way for you to manage your everyday money is through our Patients’ Money System, which is run by our Patients’ Administrator 020 8780 4500 ext. 5001.

Benefits and welfare administration

The Benefits and Welfare Administrator assesses the degree of involvement required from the RHN with regards to any finance, benefit applications and administration you may have. They will help you liaise with the Department of Work and Pensions, your employer and other relevant people/organisations where appropriate.


Our laundry service is free and we use commercial washing equipment. If any clothes need special treatment (such as dry cleaning, hand-washing, or cannot be tumble-dried) they should be taken home to launder.


We have a number of wheelchair-adapted vehicles available for individual or group hire so you can enjoy activities outside the hospital.

TV, radio and other electronic devices

There are televisions in the day rooms of all our wards and we can also supply them for individual rooms.

Social work service

We provide a social work service. If you have an enquiry, please call 020 8780 4530.

The RHN and the Care Quality Commission

The RHN is registered as a service provider with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Mr Paul Allen, our Chief Executive, is registered as the RHN manager.

You can read a copy of our most recent inspection report and regulatory assessment statements.

If you want to contact the CQC you can do so using the below details:

Call 0300 061 6161, email or by post Finsbury Tower, 103-105 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8TG

Your records and the RHN privacy policy

During your stay you will be asked questions about yourself, your GP and your next-of-kin or emergency contact.

It is important for us to have this information to ensure we provide the best treatment and care. We also need to keep this information, and other details relating to your treatment, to assist with further stays or treatments.

Read the full details on your records and our privacy policy here.

What we do with your information

We will use your information to provide appropriate care and keep your medical records up to date. When you have been discharged, details of your treatment may be sent to your GP and/or other healthcare agencies involved in your ongoing care.