Payroll giving

By giving a regular donation using payroll giving, you are choosing a tax-free donation which will help us to plan and invest in key equipment and services for the future.

Payroll giving, also known as ‘Give as you Earn’, is a really easy way to give regular support to the RHN. The best part about it is that your donation will be made before tax meaning money that would normally go to HM Revenue & Customs is given to the RHN instead – so your gift could be worth up to 40% more!

Getting started

Payroll giving

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If you have any queries about the scheme or if your employer is not yet set up for Payroll Giving, please contact us at or call 020 8780 4565 – it’s super easy!

How it works

For example, a £10 month donation would only cost you £8. This is because Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax, so we receive more money at no extra cost to you. The more tax you pay the less you pay for the donation!
There is no minimum or maximum amount, and you have the control of when you start and stop giving.

How does Payroll Giving benefit the employer?

Payroll giving is an attractive scheme to add into your employee benefits package. It promotes engagement and a sense of pride from staff knowing their organisation is helping them give something back. It is also an excellent addition to an organisation’s CSR programme.

If your organisation is not part of a Payroll Giving scheme, they will need to register with an official Payroll Giving agency – get in touch with us for help or any questions you may have on or call 020 8780 4565.