Philanthropy and major gifts

Working to provide the best possible care for some of the most disabled adults in the UK requires knowledge, compassion and resources.

Philanthropy and major gifts mean that we can plan for the future

As a registered charity we rely on the generosity of our supporters to provide that high quality of care. Philanthropy and gifts of £5,000 or more can make a significant contribution to key projects, pay for essential equipment and fund the wealth of expertise and experience the RHN’s staff bring to improving the quality of life for severely disabled adults.

Your commitment to supporting the RHN could be crucial in allowing us to plan for the future and ensure we can deliver the best possible treatment and support for our patients.

What your money can buy

£5,000 can provide two specially adapted wheelchairs which will help patients regain their independence and improve their posture.

£10,000 will buy one eye gaze device, allowing someone with severe disability to communicate using assistive technology with just their eyes.

£50,000 would provide the expertise of a full-time speech and language therapist for a year to work with patients who have lost the ability to speak or swallow.

To find out more about how you can help us today, contact Marie Truelove on 020 8780 4508  or email