Will Writing Services

Please remember the RHN in your will. The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability has been caring for severely disabled people in need since 1854.

A gift in your will for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability (RHN)

If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to the RHN, thank you. You can start the will writing process today and in as little as a week you could have your will ready and the peace of mind of knowing your wishes will be carried out.

Gifts in wills (also known as legacies or bequests) are a crucial source of income for the hospital and they ensure that people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or are disabled due to a neurological condition can continue to receive the high-quality and varied care that they so desperately need.

Make a FREE WILL face to face

Here at the RHN, we work with the National Free Wills Network (NFWN) to provide professionally written wills for free. You are welcome to update an old will or create a new will using this service.

Click here to register for the service and within 7 days you will receive a list of solicitors closest to you, who are taking part in the scheme.

Most wills are very straightforward but please note that complex wills may incur a charge from your solicitor. For complex wills, we do recommend a face-to-face solicitor appointment rather than making your own will online.

Make a Will Online

We also work with Make a Will Online to help our supporters turn their intentions into a reality. You can go to www.makeawillonline.co.uk/rhn and follow the instructions to make your own will.

Every will is checked by fully qualified solicitors and also benefits from free access to Capacity Vault. The best way to protect the wishes in your will online.

Your data

When you use one of the above services we are provided with information about when the will was made, how much is pledged and the type of gift. Your name and contact details are not included automatically unless you provide consent. We know that some of our supporters want to leave a will completely confidentially without us finding out about this beforehand.

If you want to remain anonymous, please inform your solicitor or if making an online will, you can use this link to make a will online.

Whichever way you choose to remember us we are incredibly grateful!

Details to take to your solicitor

You will need our full name and address and charity number as follows:

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
West Hill
SW15 3SW

Charity number: 205907

Types of gifts in a will

There four main types of gifts in a will. These are defined as:

    • Residuary

This is a gift of the whole or a percentage of an estate after payment of other specific gifts, pecuniary gifts and payments of all debts and expenses.

    • Pecuniary

This is a set amount of money or a gift of shares.

    • Specific

This is the gift of an item, such as a house, medals or painting.

    • Reversionary

This is a gift of an asset, such as a house that can be enjoyed by a chosen beneficiary during his or her lifetime before reverting to the RHN

Suggested wording for your will

Here is some example wording you could use to leave a gift in your Will to the RHN. You may wish to print this off and present it to your solicitor.

Please specify your particular wishes by deleting as appropriate:

‘I give XX per cent of the remainder of my estate/ £ (cash amount) /my property of (give address) to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, West Hill, London SW15 3SW, charity number 205907 for its charitable purposes. I further direct that the receipt of the Finance Director or other proper officers of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability shall be a full and proper discharge for the said legacy.’

For more information contact Isabel Barrett, Head of Legacies at 020 8780 4557 or email ibarrett@rhn.org.uk.