In-Patient services

Compass is our Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Service.

The Compass team includes specialists in electronic assistive and rehabilitation technologies.

These include speech & language therapists, occupational therapists, clinical technologists and technical support workers. They work with the patients and residents at RHN, to help them achieve their goals and enable them to participate in activities which enhance their quality of life.

IV drip
IV drip
Most of this work is carried out in the Computer Therapy Room but the Compass team also visit people around RHN to help support their technology needs.

Examples of the type of work that Compass does include:

  • Helping someone with a brain injury to improve their concentration or work on their problem-solving abilities, using appropriate computer games, which may require specially adapted equipment for them to play
  • Helping someone with Multiple Sclerosis to maintain their range of movement and strength using specialist equipment, which takes biometric measurements and allows the person to play games whilst working on their physical function, within their limitations
  • Helping someone who wants to e-mail, WhatsApp or Skype their family but requires specially adapted equipment to enable them to do so independently
  • To contact Compass, please email
    (please note this is not a secure email address so should not be used to send any personal information).