Long-term ventilation service

The long-term ventilation service cares for patients requiring long-term mechanical ventilation (invasive and non-invasive) and complex disability management

At the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with complex respiratory requirements. We expanded the capacity to provide exceptional care for individuals with complex respiratory needs requiring long-term mechanical ventilation.

Our long-term ventilation service provides specialist care and treatment for people who need ventilator support in a specially designed environment. This service is provided in two different wards Jack Emerson Ward and Leonora Ward. Both wards support the growing number of patients with complex respiratory / ventilation requirements. This includes patients receiving ventilation via a tracheostomy and non-invasive ventilator (NIV) support, as well as those requiring skilled and frequent complex respiratory intervention.

Leonora ward was recently refurbished with bespoke facilities and sensory equipment.

We specialise in addressing a wide range of patient conditions, including spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disorders, and palliative care.

In addition to providing long-term care, our multidisciplinary team is proficient in facilitating the transition of patients to home-based care.

We work collaboratively with the RHN’s in-house assistive and rehabilitation technology service (COMPASS), the dedicated wheelchair team, and maintain close ties with specialised ventilation teams and local trusts.

Admissions and enquiries

Please note that referrals must be supported by a medical professional (GP, consultant, or community therapy team), and our multidisciplinary team will arrange a suitable assessment.

For general inquiries about referring a patient to our Long-term ventilation service, please contact the Admissions Office:
020 8780 4513
or email TRHFN.Admissions@nhs.net admissions@rhn.org.uk