Specialist Nursing Home

Our Specialist Nursing Home minimises dependence where possible and focuses on quality of life and individual choice

Our specialist nursing home offers care in a dedicated setting, delivered by a team who are experienced in managing neurological conditions while working to optimise independence and function wherever possible. Quality of life is the focus and accessible, specially-adapted activities are provided with the support of a large team of volunteers.

This service is nurse-led and provides expertise in complex disability management. It also offers access to an on site GP and to a specialist consultant in rehabilitation medicine as well as a full range of therapy services.

The Specialist Nursing Home supports patients with highly complex physical disability and cognitive behavioural needs and will often experience:

  • very complex spasticity
  • challenging behaviour as a result of their condition
  • low/minimal or very limited awareness state
  • specialist medical issues requiring active treatment such as epilepsy or limb spasticity

People in this service may need:

  • highly customised equipment
  • 24 hour postural management
  • percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding
  • tracheostomy care

Every patient is different but they all have a complex neurological disability. After assessment, a person centred package of care is created.  These packages are delivered by caring clinical staff who specialise in complex neurological disability and include access to innovative technologies.


If you would like to refer a patient for continuing care at the Specialist Nursing Home, please send referral information to TRHFN.Admissions@nhs.net or safehaven fax 020 8780 4511
Please note, referrals must be supported by a medical professional (GP, consultant or community therapy team) and a member of the multidisciplinary team will arrange an assessment suitable to both parties.

If you have general enquiries regarding a referral to the Specialist Nursing Home, please contact the Admissions Office on 020 8780 4513 or email TRHFN.Admissions@nhs.net