Our services aim to improve a person's quality of life and wherever possible, increase their independence

Beyond every disability is an individual with cultural, spiritual beliefs, lifestyles and values.

We work to strengthen the abilities and confidence of each person who comes to stay with us, with the aim of maximising comfort, and, where possible, restoring a level of independence that will help them experience a fulfilling life.

We provide comprehensive interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation programmes for adults with acquired brain injury, neurological conditions and complex disability. This means that the different team members involved in each programme work together with the patient to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

“It’s the amount of thought that goes into what Paul gets, they really look into his needs.”

– Sally, whose husband Paul has Locked-In Syndrome.

We recognise that the family and friends of a patient often play a key role in the rehabilitation process so it’s important to us to build appropriate and supportive relationships with those closest to the patient.

We do this by,

Assessing needs and abilities

All of our patients are assessed by a team of therapists, nurses and Doctors specially trained in the area of neuro-rehabilitation. This helps us determine the most appropriate, evidence based approach to their treatment.

Setting personal goals

We centre the patient’s rehabilitation programme around their own aspirations and tailor treatment to the goals identified by them (or their loved ones) as important and meaningful to them.  Whilst maintaining their optimum health, we match each patient’s goals and needs to the services, therapies and clinics that will best develop their abilities.

Strengthening abilities with specialist treatment

Our charity status allows us to provide a unique service to our patients, beyond the traditional rehabilitation model.  This includes music and art as therapy, leisure services and volunteer support to help patients and their families to increase their participation in social events.   We also have access to an on site Augmented and Assistive Communication (AAC) team, an inter-disciplinary tone clinic, a research unit and a specialist wheelchair and postural management team.

Preparing for discharge

The moment a patient enters rehabilitation, the team raises the “where next?” question. Preparing for discharge in a timely, coordinated way is crucial in ensuring that a patient’s future care needs are identified. We work closely with patients, their families, funders and community services to ensure patients are transferred seamlessly into the community. This may be to other rehabilitation environments, specialist care placements or to their own homes depending on their ongoing needs.