Occupational Therapist Does 50 Miles in a Wheelchair to Mark her 50th Birthday

25 April 2017

50 before 50

Susie Wilford, senior occupational therapist at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN), decided she needed to do something big to mark her 50th birthday year, so she came up with 50 before 50.

So on 28 April at 4pm, after months of training, she will be setting off from St Mary’s church in Putney in a wheelchair to cover 50 miles through London, finishing back at St Mary’s at 5pm on 3 May.

Susie decided to do this quest because she wanted to find out what it is like to get around in a wheelchair, like almost all of her patients have to, and in doing so raise money for the new Therapy Hub at the RHN, which will provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities for people with brain injuries.

Susie started her training in a special wheelchair loaned to her by wheelchair company Gerald Simonds earlier this year, and has found how difficult it is to get around on wheels. The training took a physical toll on her, but she had expert support from her dietician and physiotherapy colleagues.

Susie said, “I’ve found out what it’s like to get a wheelchair around in public places, and it isn’t easy.”

Patients and colleagues will be gathering to see Susie off and welcoming her back the following week.

You can sponsor Susie at http://bit.ly/50b450

If you would like more information, please contact Susan Patterson or Ross Johnson on 020 8780 4519.