Bombing during World War II

Damage caused by bombing during World War II

House Committee report from 8 March 1944, summarising the recent bomb damage to the hospital

The first reports of bomb damage on the hospital was on 27 September 1940, with 254 panes of glass broken. The hospital lost 600 panes of glass between September-October 1940 and received some minor structural damage. Reports praised the staff and patients for their courage during the nightly air raid warnings, though official reports reflected the stress and anxiety of both patients and staff during this period. The hospital suffered many incidents of bomb damage mostly due to shrapnel. There was also incidents of incendiary bomb damage. In February 1944 125 incendiary bombs fell on the hospital and grounds. Some of the bombs fell through the roof and started fires in the De Lancey Lowe Room and kitchen before being put out by staff.