Domestic Services in Numbers

Domestic Services in Numbers

30 March 2017

domestic services in numbers; domestic assistant at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
Elvis Soares, domestic assistant, with one of the new cleaning trolleys



One of the most hardworking teams at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is the Domestic Services team. Here are Domestic Services in numbers.

Every month they

  • frank 1,500 of items of mail
  • serve 5,082 meals on wards for patients
  • clean and defrost 28 fridges around 420 times
  • clean 15 ovens around 31 times
  • sort 7,000 items of clothing on wards
  • wash up 14,000 items of cutlery/crockery
  • clean 300 bedrooms in staff and relatives accommodation
  • clean 200 wheelchairs
  • clean 193 patients beds 2,316 times
  • deep clean an average of 30 single bedrooms
  • empty 800 rubbish bins 3,200 times
  • and clean all the furniture, toilets and hand basins.

We are exhausted just thinking about it.