New Restaurant Opens

02 October 2017


New Restaurant Opens at the RHNReed's restaurant

The new restaurant opened today, and it was revealed that it is called Reed’s after our founder Dr Andrew Reed.  Staff, patients and relatives queued in the corridor  waiting to see the inside for the first time.

The new restaurant, which has been made from the old cafe, the Morris Room,  and the Andrew day room, retains the old tiles and fireplaces in the dining area, and the serving area has a brand new hot service and cafe space. Reed’s replaces the Morris Room and Cafe Eclipse, and was designed by students from the KLC School of Design to make a comfortable and pleasing space for the whole RHN community to use.

Chief Executive, Paul Allen, unveiled the name, and then the crowd heard a speech from resident Mark Howe,  who made full use of his famous sense of humour. He then cut the ribbon, with his mum Ilsa, formally declaring the space open.