Patient Art Work

Here’s some of the activities that the patients who visit the art room have been involved in recently


These photographs were taken on an outing to Richmond Park with a patient and occupational therapist Brendan. The patient is a filmmaker so it was a great opportunity for him to participate in an activity he was interested in. As he was interested in reflections, we experimented with mirrors which created some interesting results.  As part of his rehab goal, the patient also showed a selection of his films to other patients in the Assembly Room.


These butterflies were made by a patient and his daughter. The sessions in the art room provide an opportunity for this patient and his daughter to spend time together in a meaningful way in a different environment.


A patient saw an old stool on the ward that he wanted to fix, so we brought it down to the art room and for the last couple of months he has been doing a great job at sanding it. The activity has been very useful in practising his attention to a task, his ability to sequence a task and exercising movement, while doing an activity he really enjoys.

Ward group

We began February with Valentine’s Day hearts to decorate the ward. With lots of different options, from painting, sticking and printing, the activity was good for choice making and working together on a collaborative project.

We also had a go at mark-making in clay to create a selection of tiles. It was nice to try out different materials with the group, and for patients to glaze their tiles in the following session.