Patients and residents launch Engagement and Experience Strategy

Patient and Resident Experience and Engagement Strategy

This week, we launched our Patient and Resident Experience and Engagement Strategy, a strategy for the people we care for, by the people we care for. The Patient Safety and Quality Team, along with the patients and residents involved in the creation of the strategy, held a launch event to share the publication with staff, visitors and other patients and residents.

The strategy sets out the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN)’s priorities to ensure the best experience for patients, residents, their families and advocates based on five key principles:

  1. Actively listening
  2. Putting things right if they go wrong
  3. High quality person centred care
  4. Working together to do better
  5. Excellence in customer service

Patients and residents at the RHN are directly involved in the creation of the Patient Experience and Engagement Strategy, meaning that it is directly based off of feedback we receive from the people we care for and their loved ones. This ensures that our services are delivering care that people want in the way that works best for them.

Having our patients and residents involved in creating a strategy on their own care is an extremely productive experience for them.

One resident said, “I feel happy to have a say in creating a strategy that will help us all to live happily together. As this is home for us all it’s very important we are seen as individuals and not just numbers”.

A patient said, “I think that this hospital is fantastic. I’ve never in my life met so many people who care so much about me. It doesn’t take that much to listen to me but it makes such a difference”.

At the heart of our ethos as an organisation is the involvement of our patients, residents, their families and advocates to give them the best experience of care possible. We know that a positive experience during care leads to positive clinical outcomes.

The RHN’s top priority will always be providing the best possible care for our patients and residents, and when those we care for feel that they are being listened to, they are better able to manage their own journey of care.