RHN staff win awards

13 April 2017


RHN Staff Win Awards

RHN staff win awards
Carolyne Blackwell collects Richard Irwin’s award

Dr Richard Irwin was awarded the winner’s trophy for Organisational Development Project of the Year at the recent Beechs Centre Annual Organisational Development Awards for his work on changing the way staff deal with the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Carolyne Blackwell also collected the winner’s trophy for Organisational Development Programme Alumna of the Year. She was recognised for being a great role model, for adopting a coaching leadership style and as a good case study for investing in developing your people.

Physiotherapist Taryn Holman also recently won the best academic poster at the national conference organised by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology. Her winning poster was called ‘Breaking Bad News and Truth Telling in Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness: the Experiences of Allied Health Professionals’.