Roehampton Club Third Annual Charity Football Match

Roehampton Club third annual charity football match

Earlier this month The Roehampton Club held their third annual charity football match, hosted by Rosslyn Park RFC, in aid of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, with a staff team playing against a members team.

The quality of the football shown in this  was of a high quality and thoroughly enjoyed by both staff and members. With the full pitch, and newly purchased goals, the game started with a bang with Noah Stew-Lewis squaring the ball across goal for a simple tap in for Steve Cockram. Just before half time, an unlikely break in play came from an Irish GAA team turning up for training so the full size pitch was reduced to half size. Half time arrived with the staff leading 4-0.

The second half saw the members reduce the goals deficit to 7-5, with two penalties awarded to the members, before another penalty saw the members pull three goals clear, with a final finish leaving the full time score 9-5 to the staff.

The game saw three hat tricks by Noah Stew-Lewis, Steve Cockram and Gary O’Brien. Rhys Williams, Ionut Luca & Simon Baker also added to the staff score and in a friendly, but competitive game. Only one yellow card was shown to the staff team’s Ray Thompson.

£340.00 was raised for the Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability and both teams enjoyed a refreshing warm down after the game, with excellent food and beverages supplied by The Roehampton Club Food and Beverage Department.