Putney Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness Toolkit

The Putney Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness Toolkit is a set of resources to support the assessment and monitoring of patients in a prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDOC).

We developed it as a resource for clinical professionals. The 2013 RCP guidelines on  PDOC emphasise the importance of informal assessment alongside using  formal diagnostic tools to diagnosis PDOC.

The toolkit is a set of non-standardised assessments developed from informal clinical tools to support the formal assessment tools recommended in the 2013 RCP guidelines.

It supports a patient-centred assessment in a more flexible way and is a practical resource for clinicians to support evaluation of behaviours in areas of uncertainty. An example is tally charts of specific movements.

We consolidated resources developed over the years at the RHN, updated them and are now making them  available to clinicians.

Staff at the RHN developed and consolidated this toolkit. It is for use by clinical professionals only.

Download the toolkit here.

We hope that you find this toolkit useful for any questions please contact info@rhn.org.uk.