What we do

Research is a key part of what we do at the RHN

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Science of care

To improve long term quality of life and to provide optimum treatment for people with neuro-disabilities, we must advance the science of care through research.

Our research portfolio includes:

Small projects carried out by RHN staff to directly improve their practice (eg improving the success of tracheal decannulation).
• Small projects typically last three – six months and are funded by donations or generously supported by trusts and foundations

Medium sized projects carried out by staff with previous research experience, looking at the broader issues affecting our patients such as effects of oral hygiene on chest infections.
• Medium sized projects last between one and two years and are funded by trusts and foundations.

Programme grants conducted by PhDs and post-doctorates that aim to both advance our scientific understanding of brain injury and the science of care (eg circadian rhythms in disorders of consciousness)
• Programme grants last between two and five years and are funded by major research charities, National Institute for Health Research or Research Councils.

We also support staff through their Master’s degrees and PhDs.

We are collaborating on a number of projects nationally and internationally as we believe collaboration is key to scientific advances and the spreading of good practice.

If you have any questions for our research team, please contact,

Dr Sophie Duport
Associate Director of Research

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