Become a friend to someone living with brain injury

Become a friend to someone living with brain injury

Dan has been at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability for just over three years. Dan’s family have been at his side throughout his stay at the RHN. His mum and her partner drive twenty-five miles from Guildford every day to see him. His sister Kate visits regularly, as do his two young daughters.

But not all of our residents are lucky enough to have the support of a network of family and friends. Some of our patients have no-one

The dedicated support of his family means everything to Dan. His family helped to decorate his bedroom to his tastes, including hanging the model of the solar system he made during his sessions in the hospital art room. With their help, he is able to pursue his passion for science, and is currently studying an access course at university. He hopes to go on to specialise in climate science. Dan also likes to pursue a variety of leisure interests. He enjoys swimming in the hospital pool, art in our light and spacious art room, sessions with a music therapist, and days out with his family in one of our specialist ambulances.

These extra services, accompanied by qualified therapists, nurses and volunteers are all thanks to our supporters, who donate £3.5 million every year to provide extra services like music therapy, occupational therapy art, assistive technology and wheelchair assessment and loan services.

Every year we see a number of patients transferred from acute hospitals who arrive with no belongings, and no family or friends to engage with, or to provide every-day necessities like toothpaste, hairbrushes, or even clothing.

“The bare essentials like a toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo and body wash help a patient feel more like the person they were before their brain injury. It is disheartening to see that some patients don’t have anything, because their families live too far away to visit, or because they have no families.” Laura, RHN Matron

Tragically, many people lose contact with friends and family after a brain injury, but our supporters help us care for these patients too. As well as donating to one of our patient services, a small gift of a few pounds can provide toiletries, clothing and items such as hair dryers for patients who would otherwise have nothing.

You could become a friend to someone living with brain injury, by donating to The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability


£10 would provide a simple set of toiletries for a patient who has nothing. £50 would pay for a patient recovering from brain injury to enjoy a one hour session of music therapy. £100 could provide the spare parts needed to maintain our stock of assessment wheelchairs.

Your gift will ensure our patients can continue to enjoy a meaningful life, whatever they choose to do. It’s that simple. Please donate today.