Thank You

People don’t just raise money for the RHN, they also support the hospital with their valuable time.

Here are just a few of the individuals / companies who have raised money for us and the organisations that have given their time as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) day.  We are grateful for support in all forms!


Give a little love Crowdfunder

Thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to reach £20,000! with your support including Annabel Marriott, Amanda Sherwood, Betty May Telford, Muriel Hesten, Pam Hanger, Grant Haywood, Oliver van Helden, Avril Silk, Ian Pearce, Annabel Marriott, Ian Dymock, Miss V A lewis and Susan Eggleton

RedSky IT

Thank you to the staff of RedSky IT who chose to donate their charity Christmas gift to the RHN, that’s £1,160. RedSky IT are also taking part in the Cotswold Way Challenge in June 2022 to raise money for us.

Brigade Electronics Group Plc 

Thank you to Brigade Electronics for making a donation of £5,000 towards the work of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.


London 2 Brighton challenge

Thank you Craig Lloyd, Catherine Hewitt for raising £1,4000.

RHN River walk

Thank you for raising £2,000 funds for our Cooks Table Service Carol, Colin, Ingrida Wiltshire, Jobelle Baluis, Lilija Kelly, Ifrah Sabriye, Nettie, Monet, Belen Condero, Fatima, Louise McIntyre, Stephanie, Gabrielle Domingo, Rosevilla Caramoan, Elishia Rose Caramoan, Amanda, Stephanie and Imogen.

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Thank you David Smith, Susan Hayden for rasing £2,000.

Virgin Money London Marathon

Participants were able to raise a massive £43,000 Thank you to Tom Kenward, Iva Miholic, Joanna Ridley, James Goldsmith, Lisa Richards, Nadine Brower, Yvonne Lam, Dilkumar Iwaram, Ben Brookes, Anthony Smith, Alexandra Hall, Jagoda Dennis, Russell Simpson.

Brighton Marathon

Thank you Josephine Maskell, Taryn Morrish, Hannah English, Kaylin Purvor, Juliette Denny, Sophie Coulthard, Daniel True, Charlotte James, Mark Flannery for helping raise £7,700.

RHN Christmas raffle

Thank you to everyone who participated for raising £3,900 funds for instruments for music therapy sessions.

Online bridge event

Thank you to the London Committee and everyone who participated that raised £1,600.

Totality Services

Thank you to Totality Services who continue to support the RHN through buying our events marketing adverts with £175 raised.

We thank you all for your support!

If you’d like to raise money for the RHN find out how.