Volunteer recruitment

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If you’d like to volunteer at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, please download, read and complete the following documents;

  1. Email: leisureandfamilyservices@rhn.org.uk
  2. Welcome letter
  3. Volunteer application form

Volunteer FAQs

What will I be doing if I volunteer?

You will be helping to give our patients and residents an engaging social life while using your skills and time to help across a range of activities, including:

  • group activities, such as gardening, sports and small art projects
  • escorting residents to the Sunday service
  • reading, helping with crosswords and generally engaging residents in activities that they enjoy
  • helping to tend to the gardens
  • supporting residents to access email and get online.

There are opportunities to volunteer across the hospital in various departments including fundraising, communications, music therapy, finance and HR.

How many hours will I have to complete?

There are no set hours required for volunteers. The roles we have are varied and available at a range of times so we’ll most likely have something that suits you.

What training do I need to volunteer?

There is a full induction, ongoing training and support available to help build your employability or to enable you to get the best out of your time here. We aim for our volunteer team to be representative of our local communities, so if you have time, skills and energy to donate, please get in touch.

Do I have to have experience in working in a hospital?

No, not at all!

Are there checks I have to undergo before I can volunteer?

Yes, every person who works or volunteers here must complete a DBS check, in line with all health and social care settings in the UK.