Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology

The field of psychology aims to understand the mind and human behaviour

A clinical psychologist has completed a doctorate in applying psychological research to understanding and treating mental and physical health.

Neuropsychology is a post-doctoral speciality that looks in more detail at the relationship between brain damage and behaviour.

Our psychologists are specialists in understanding the cognitive effects of brain injury.

Cognition is all of our thinking skills, which include intellectual skills, attention, perception, language, speed of thought, memory and learning, planning and problem-solving. As different areas of the brain control behaviour in predictable ways, we can assess the changes that occur following damage. This gives us an idea of someone’s strengths and weaknesses in cognitive functioning. It helps us to give patients and families tailored advice and strategies about how to compensate for their difficulties.

Our other main areas of specialism include

  • Working with the emotional impact of a brain injury. We help patients adjust to the impact that their condition has on their lives, and those around them.
  • Working with challenging behaviour. We assess the causes of challenging behaviour. We then develop a behaviourally focused management plan for staff and families to work on together.
  • Helping our patients to make decisions for themselves. When a patient lacks the ability to make these decisions, we ensure that the patient’s and family’s opinions are central.
  • Working with families and friends of patients to educate them about brain injury. We can then offer emotional and practical support. We also liaise with social workers and the wider multi-disciplinary team.