Wheelchair and Postural Management Service

wheelchair and postural management service

Independence and comfort

Our Wheelchair and Postural Management Service team provide adapted wheelchairs and bed positioning equipment to optimise each patient’s postural support, which increases independence and comfort.

How we help

People with profound neuro-disabilities spend their time either in bed or seated in a wheelchair. Our specialist Wheelchair and Postural Management Service team, who work with occupational therapists and physiotherapists, adapt bed positioning supports and wheelchair seating for a patient’s precise postural and functional needs.

As a charity, we raise funds so that as soon as patients arrives at the RHN we create a  bespoke wheelchairs to lend to them. This means that they are out of bed, mobile and able to engage with their treatment as soon as possible.

Our Wheelchair and Postural Management Service workshop is on site, so we are able to offer

  • Increased comfort and autonomy – postural management systems that enhance posture, both in lying and sitting
  • Choice – patients can trial our comprehensive stock of assessment wheelchairs and cushions. This means that when their physical progress stabilises, we can find a seating solution that meets their needs.
  • Custom-built seating systems for patients and residents if off-the-shelf equipment doesn’t meet their needs
  • Guidance in advanced postural care for families and medical professionals.