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We have implemented a number of restrictions to minimise the spread of COVID-19 at the RHN.

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Michael Ball Presents BBC Radio 4 Appeal for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Michael Ball records BBC R4 AppealBBC Radio 4 Appeal will be broadcast by Michael Ball on Sunday 29 November

The RHN’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal will be presented by Michael Ball on Sunday 29 November at 7.55 am and again at 9.26 pm. It will be repeated on Thursday 3 December at 3.27 pm.

Michael said, ” If you can find it in your heart to just help the RHN a little bit, it would mean such a lot. Please, please, support this amazing place, the amazing people who work there, and pray that you, or your loved ones, will never have to avail yourselves of this facility.”