Our story

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability was first established in 1854 by Reverend Andrew Reed.

Today we are a charity and specialist provider of care and rehabilitation for adults living with serious brain injury or illness.

People come to the RHN following a traumatic brain injury, which can be caused by traffic accidents, sporting injuries, assaults, or medical emergencies like a stroke, heart attack or asthma attack.
We also care for people living with conditions such as Huntington’s and Motor Neurone Disease.

What makes us special?

The money we raise through fundraising, allows us to offer additional therapies including;

All these extras allow us to give our patients and residents a fully rounded care experience, and a quality of life, whatever their ability.

Our patients’ stories

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Read Ruth’s story

The RHN is a charity hospital and research centre, caring for adults with brain injuries.

Founded in 1854, our Putney-based community provides specialist therapies and innovative technologies to meet the complex needs of people with profound disabilities.

Find out more about the work we do here at the RHN, and read about the different ways you can support our patients and residents