How we care for patients

Individualised care is at the centre of what the RHN offers to all patients

how-we-care-for-patientsFirst and foremost, we care for people as individuals

Our ethos is one of care and compassion. We support people to reach their potential and maximise their quality of life.

Specialist professionals, across a wide range of disciplines, give care. The  combined aim is to of make a positive difference to the lives of our patients and residents.

We look after  patients in a way which helps them maximise their rehabilitation journey and gives them the best possible quality of life. Our additional therapies, activities, family support and range of professionals, not found in other rehabilitation environments, allow us to look after the whole person and not just treat their symptoms – we see people, not their disability.

The RHN is a homely environment that provides the very best quality rehabilitation for people with a neuro-disability.