Working together

We work with patients and their families to make sure we create the right environment for their care

Working together

We work with patients, families and friends to create the best possible environment for care.

The ways that we do this

  • Working together to build a picture of the patient, their likes, dislikes, preferences and any other information which will help us build a full picture of who they are. This helps to create a thorough person-centred care plan.
  • Working together respectfully . We understand that when a loved one is in hospital it can be an anxious time and we do all we can to ensure your experience of the RHN is as positive as possible. Our aim is for a respectful, calm and therapeutic environment which helps create the best place for care.
  • Working together to help ensure patients get enough rest and quiet time. We do this to maintain the best environment to support recovery. In patients with brain injuries or neurological conditions, restful and quiet times are extremely important to their treatment and potential recovery. Our visiting hours are designed to support these quiet times so we ask that they are respected.


We’re happy to help answer questions or queries you may have. The best person to speak to is your ward manager, a staff nurse or our Patient Experience Officer.