RHN WInter 2023 Art Room Retrospective

As the end of the year approaches, and the festive season is only a month away, it gives us great pleasure to share with you some of the amazing artwork produced by our patients and residents over the last twelve months.

The RHN Art Room Retrospective 2023 contains just a few examples of the incredible work we’ve been fortunate to see this year. The projects highlighted represent individual artists and collective works from across the hospital, from people with no artistic experience, to skilled painters and sculptors. They represent patients, some of whom arrived at the RHN after a period of illness, and some who suffer from life-long neurological conditions.

To download a copy of the Art Room Retrospective 2023, click here.

Whatever the reason a patient has been admitted to the RHN, therapeutic art supports them to achieve their therapy goals. That might be to regain abilities such as manual dexterity, which have been lost to illness, or to maintain their current level of mobility and function for as long as possible.

“Art has really helped me to work on my upper body strength. Even though one of my arms is much stronger, it still needs a lot of work and tasks like papier-mâché are great for my dexterity.”
RHN patient, Tina

For some patients, making art can also assist in improving emotional well-being, helping patients cope with life limiting conditions, or the trauma of serious injury. Addressing the emotional issues that can arise as a result of a brain injury can be an important step in the rehabilitation process, and encourage patients to engage more fully with the other therapies and treatments on offer at the hospital.

The Therapeutic Art service is based in the RHN Art Room, a purpose built space with enhanced facilities and resources suitable for disabled users. This beautiful space would not exist without the support of people like you, because all this amazing work is funded by donation.

This year you could support the fantastic creativity of our patients and residents with a gift to our Christmas Art Room Appeal.


  • £25 would provide a box of water soluble paints.
  • £50 would support the purchase of clay and glazes for sculpting and pottery.
  • £100 would provide a patient with two, hour long sessions in the Art Room.

Even patients who believe they cannot paint can produce fantastic work when they have access to the tools, expertise and enthusiasm our Art Team provides. I hope our Art Room Retrospective for 2023 will inspire you to donate to this incredible service.

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